Chawanmushi with Chef Claudio Sandri

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Living an urbanite’s lifestyle means that we have very little time to hone our kitchen skills. But we’ve got just the right ingredients to tide you over that last-minute dinner party.

The Perfect Every Time Projects, or P.E.T. Projects is a series that aim to teach you how to create (and recreate) dishes that will turn out great every single time! Here’s to creating your very first P.E.T. Chawanmushi.

PET Chawanmushi

1. Dice chicken, place in bowl
2. Add salt and pepper
3. Cut mushroom and put in bowl

Tip: We recommend using Shimeiji Mushrooms

4. Add some pea shoots
5. Crack eggs in a mixing bowl

Tip: Use room temperature eggs as it cooks faster

6. Pour milk in eggs, season with salt and pepper
7. Remove any foam from the mixture

Tip: This will create a smooth surface for the chawanmushi

8. Pour mixture into serving bowl
9. Place a kitchen towel at the bottom of the pot.

Tip: This is to prevent the bowl from moving during the steaming process

10. Pour water into pot. Cover lid and bring it to a simmer at 82°C

Tip: Boiling water will cause the eggs to collapse. Keep water at a simmer to maintain the shape.

11. Once ready, garnish with chopped spring onion and drizzle with olive oil.

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