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Coffee – a booster for focus and inspiration. Some of the most creative minds in the history of humanity dabbled with this liquid amphetamine to push their imagination to the edge of insanity. When coffee and artistry come into play, expect more than just creating art on a white milk foam canvas. Here, we unearth the most unorthodox art using coffee, its essence and its entity.
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5 Sure Ways to Overcome the Morning Zombie Syndrome


Manfred Tham

Let’s be real, you either wake up every day drowsy and groggy or you’re lying. For mothers they’ve got it especially hard, having to juggle between waking early for the kids, prepping them for school and making sure you are all ready for the pitch at 9am. Here are some tips and tricks for the busy mums and regular Joes, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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Stop Hitting Snooze

This is going to be a hard one for anyone who uses their phone as an alarm clock. Snoozing after your alarm jolts you awake is actually going to have you get up more tired. Plus you’ll be extra pissed off because your alarm went off multiple times in your ear.

According to , your brain won’t fully go back to restful sleep in the 5 minutes between the alarm, so you might as well set your alarm for exactly when you have to be up.

Throw open the blinds

Bright light might some like anathema to your sleepy brain but sunlight upon your skin will wake you up far better than any amount of coffee. Seeing and exposing yourself to sunlight will let your body’s internal clock know that it’s time to energise the body (that’s you) and to kill all the sleepiness.

So don’t squint and shut the blinds, crack open the window and eat your breakfast with morning’s glow.

Shocking Shower

Probably the most unpleasant but undeniably effective, you could start your morning by jumping right into a cold shower instead of waiting for the water to come up to temperature. It’s cheap, fast and simple: perfect if you’re in a rush because you woke up late.

Morning Sweating

That’s sweating, not swearing, though they might both be equally invigorating. Chase away the drowsiness with some in the morning to get blood pumping around your body. For the more extreme, you can opt to jump right into a morning workout instead.

Sweet Tunes

No one on Earth can say they hate all music: everyone has some music they absolutely adore. The next time you shuffle out of bed as a zombie, play some of your favourite songs and your brain will send a rush of dopamine (the feel-good chemical), .

Bonus points if your songs of choice are upbeat as high tempo songs will energise you. The best bit is that you can combine music with any of the above 4!

Try it all

We can’t guarantee that all of these will be painless but it’s better to try some instead of starting every day groaning and walking into things.

Of course, the best way to wake up energised is to get sufficient sleep (around 7 to 8 hours for adults) but if your work (or social life) is in the way of sweet sweet rest, you know what to do.

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Here’s How To Host A Queen-Approved Tea Party

The afternoon tea - a quintessential English social phenomenon that is thought to be a chichi gathering for the upper class. To the uninitiated, there is a whole science behind the delicate nature of tea making. From doilies to loose leaves, here’s all you need to know about hosting an English afternoon tea. But first, stop sticking your pinky out.

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Story goes that Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford and lifelong friend of Queen Victoria, was the creator of the English “Afternoon Tea”. She wanted a light meal to curb her hunger between lunch and dinner. Soon after, she began inviting her companions to socialise over tea and pastries. And thus, the Afternoon tea tradition caught on and gave the the English people a legitimate reason to snack. And boy do they take it seriously!

High Tea, Low Tea?

In today’s terms, high tea and afternoon tea are used interchangeably. In actuality, high tea refers to a heavier meal, more specifically, dinner. Despite so, many restaurants and upscale cafes still label it as  “High Tea”. Afternoon tea is also called “Low Tea”, mostly because it takes place in sitting rooms with low tables.

The Wares

The tea wares are the backbone to recreating the most authentic afternoon tea experience. These wares are intricately designed with some fetching upwards of . When planning to host a tea party, don’t forget the following or you might be thrown into the dungeons for crime against the English national pastime.

  1. Teapot, cup and saucer: A formal tea would use matching teapots and cups while an eclectic mix for an informal tea would do just fine.
  2. Milk jug: Milk before or after the pouring of tea is debatable, but entirely to one’s preference.
  3. Sugar bowl and tongs: Use cubes for a more refined tea session.
  4. Hot water pitcher: Used for weakening a strong brew.
  5. Tea strainer: To catch loose leaves
  6. Napkins: For spills, cleanups and signalling the end of the tea session.
  7. Silver Tray: Serving tray that is reserved for the most formal afternoon tea.
  8. Tiered cake stand: An essential in formal and informal tea sessions.
  9. Plate: To place lemon slices or food.

The Fares

Afternoon tea served are often less robust than the morning brews. Black tea like Darjeeling and Lapsang Souchong or blends like Earl Grey are the go-to staples.

When it comes to nibbles, the menu traditionally consist of 3 courses: scones, savoury sandwiches and sweet pastries or cakes. These snacks are served on tiered stands in this particular order: top layer for scones, middle for savoury and the bottom for sweets. Etiquette dictates that it should also be consumed in that order. But to be honest, nothing can stop a sweet tooth from reaching for that piece of macaron.

All poised with the basics of hosting your first proper tea party, now you’ll be all ready to entertain whenever the kettle’s whistles. Of course, with the Queen’s seal of approval.

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Weirdest Coffee Bean Facts That You Need To Know

Coffee, arguably the world’s most consumed beverage. In the last 20 years, there has been a major shift in the coffee culture across continents. Countless coffee joints have started popping up to cater to the increasing demand. Apart from the usual Americano and Java Chip Frappes, how much do people actually know about the source of all these caffeinated wonders? In the grande scheme of things, it’s probably time to have the first crack into its origins, the most interesting and the downright grossest coffee beans trivia that one needs to know.

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Expensive Piece of Bean

Starting off with the most expensive, coffee drinkers may be familiar with this . At about $35 – $100 per cup, it is produced from coffee beans found in the byproduct of the Indonesian Civet cats. During the digestive process, the beans are processed by the enzymes in the Civet’s intestines, making it less acidic, less bitter and ironically, with a better aroma.

Shrivelled Up

Excavating the oldest coffee bean in the world probably bring you back to the time you first taste coffee and how much it would change the course of your waking life. This discovery pushed the origins of coffee back to the early 12th century. This changed what we thought we knew about coffee, that these beans might have already been a staple trading commodity 250 years before it was spread to the Middle East. The tiny magic bean was .

Monkey Business

With a recurring obsession with animals being a part of the coffee preparation process, it comes to little surprise when the . Farmers would harvest and roast these half chewed seed regurgitated from the Formosan Rock Macaques. For the curious, it reportedly yields a sweet brew, topped with vanilla-scent.

None shall sleep tonight

Aptly named the Death Wish Coffee, a serving of these . That is almost 200% more than the average cup of joe. This lethal brew is said to be the strongest coffee in the world, with many caffeine addicts citing that this elixir bestows an endless supply of energy and a feeling that sleep is for the weak.


Coffee beans has been through multiple testing to get to the wide varieties that we grew to love. Whether you like your coffee deathly strong, or prefer to have it processed by animals, before you take a sip of your next cuppa, perhaps take some time to appreciate the weird and wonderful world of the coffee bean.

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