Chef's Bio

Brent Savage

Co-Owner and Chef of Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Monopole, Yellow and CIRRUS, Australia

Brent Savage is the chef and co-owner of the two Chef Hats Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Monopole, Yellow and CIRRUS. He began his culinary journey under the mentorship of Philip Searle at Vulcan’s in Blackheath, where he learnt to appreciate that cooking is a creative process. He then ventured into opening his own restaurant, was employed to helm the kitchens of Moog Wine + Food, and was even invited to guest chef at 2 Michelin-starred Restaurant Ikarus in Salzburg, Austria.


Brent has a reputation for creating exciting and cutting edge food with contrasting tastes and textures. His unique cooking style combines modern techniques with the diverse flavours native to Australia.



  • 2 Chef Hats (Bentley Restaurant & Bar)